Antoine Predock's Vincent Black Shadow in '50's' Exhibition

Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, New York


A stone ramp rises from geologic origins of watershed and limestone caves and culminates in "one ivory tower", engaging earth and sky, beginning the journey of encounter.  Embodying the interdisciplinary curriculum of Skidmore College, the Teaching Museum and Art Gallery is designed to articulate the fundamentally inseparable connection of art to human culture and consciousness. 

Traditional hierarchical and programmatic separations merge as spaces visually eavesdrop and the distinctions between display and archive, subject and object dissolve. The building invites one to pause, reflect, perform, and explore. 

The building, sited in a circle of white pines, radiates armatures or wings organized about a stone tower. The resulting geometry of the building reinforces campus circulation patterns and creates a link to an existing pond. 

The 30,000 square foot building includes classrooms, administrative and curatorial offices, and spaces for the display of permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. Generous back-of-house spaces facilitate the handling, preparation and archiving of art; while a 2,200 square foot interdisciplinary space serves as  a broadcast capable lecture hall and has the flexibility to accommodate a reception or a fully catered banquet.


In association with Executive Architect Einhorn, Yaffe, Prescott Architecture and Engineering.