Skiing my building 1986

Skiing my building 2006

1990 Honda RC30, New Mexico

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR, New Mexico


Backcountry, Taos, New Mexico

Scraping Metal, Willow Springs

Desmosedici on Mulholland Highway

1951 Vincent Black Shadow, New Mexico

1990 Honda RC30, New Mexico

1995 Bimota YB9- Amalfi Coast, Italy

2002 MV Augusta F4 Senna


Top to bottom, "Tension", "Membrane", and "Greening", directed by Jennifer Linnell, co - direction and scene design by Antoine Predock.

Architecture is a fascinating journey toward the unexpected.  It is a ride, a physical ride and an intellectual ride.  I like to think about machines and technology in relation to landscape and architecture.  The idea of a motorcycle in the landscape confirms a kind of closure for me, a technological, experiential closure.

When I was a student at Columbia University I became very involved in dance and with the body in space through the work of Jennifer Masley, Merce Cunningham, Yvonne Ranier and, later, Anna Halprin.  This influenced my work profoundly.   I think of my buildings as processional events, as choreographic events; they are an accumulation of vantage points both perceptual and experiential.  At the Mandell Weiss Forum one comes though a eucalyptus grove and there, in a clearing, stands a two hundred and seventy foot long mirror.  One is suddenly part of an expectant crowd, a building of tension that has to do with the arrival of the audience and the anticipated arrival of the performers.  It is a ritual - the encounter with this giant mirror, the collective straightening of the tie, and the passage through the looking glass to what lies beyond.

The Nelson Fine Arts Center seems initially to be a single event, but it is actually a processional route that is open-ended.  Visitors can create their own paths to unexpected destinations that provide respite from the sun while, simultaneously, a celebration of the sun.  The building offers an array of sensory possibilities throughout the day and the night.  Its nocturnal life is very different from its sun-drenched daytime life.

Here and Now Dance Studio/ Theatre 1966


fishesTrevaly in Belize

Manta Ray - French Polynesia

Grey Shark - French Polynesia

Manta Ray - Maldives

Humpback Whale - Rurutu, French Polynesia

Whale Shark - Maldives

Humpback Whale - Caribbean

Whitetip Shark, Galapagos Islands

Great White Shark - South Africa

Whale Shark- Maldives

Manta Rays- Maldives

Manta Ray- Maldives

Whale Shark- Maldives

Whale Shark- Maldives

Whale Shark- Maldives



Humpback Whale - Caribbean








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